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They say only the good die young. If that’s true, I lost two of the greatest. 

I lived most of my life trying to do the right thing, and failing miserably. 

Although the crime that broke me was one I’d willingly commit again. 

After spending two years locked up, I’m back to face all the damage I left behind. 

My girlfriend is engaged to someone else. 

My best friend is a widow. 

Both of these women still own a piece of my heart, but only one of them has had it since the beginning. 




They say time heals all wounds. If that’s true, I’d need ten lifetimes to get over mine. 

For most of my life, I was blessed with friendships and love few people ever get to experience. 

Although I’d give it all back if I got to keep the one’s we lost in the process. 

After spending the last six months trying to keep my head above water, I’m not sure how much longer I can tread. 

My husband was murdered. 

My best friend is gone. 

Both of these men have molded the shape of my heart, but only one of them has his name inked on my soul.