Ripped Cardboard




Always being the best meant never needing to do better.

I had everything. Popularity, money, charm—I could list my qualities for days.

But it wasn’t enough.

Five years ago, the only girl I ever loved walked away from me

I’ve tried so hard to move on, but I can’t The life I built feels empty. Hollow.

Now she’s back and I’m not letting her leave again until she knows the truth.


Always coming in second was hard
I had everything. Popularity, friends, family—all I ever wanted.
But it wasn’t enough.
He let me down when I needed him the most
I’ve moved on. Built a new life.
Now, living across the street from him, old heartaches are surfacing
I can’t ever tell him the truth.

"The writing is good, the pacing works, and the story is engaging."